Arturo Pelayo

Arturo empowers organizations to discover and leverage 
their customers' experiences and interactions through 
Social Media & Instructional Design. 

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latest work ::    Social Media, Web Strategy & Design for Education.

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what I am reading online ::   Design, Education, Activism, Technology, etc.

value ::  Swiss Army Knife.

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candidate value

Expertise         Social Media & content creation with 
                            background in Instructional Design. 

Leverage          of global relationships to drive business forward     
                            with tailored training & development, web 2.0 
                            and e-learning solutions. 

Experience,     insight and leadership on satellite & distance    
                            learning education, podcasting and social 

Proven talent  across four continents, readily deployable and 
                            with experience across markets and languages 
                            (English, German, French & Spanish) to go             
                            above and beyond the business table. resume.html

latest clients ::

Social Media, Web Strategy & Instructional Design.

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